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Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

In PA, Pence to Prop Up Trump’s Dangerous Threats and Disastrous Failures

Jul 08, 2020

As the United States surges past 3,000,000 coronavirus cases, Mike Pence heads to Pennsylvania to spin Donald Trump’s failed coronavirus response and threaten Pennsylvania’s education funding to force schools to reopen. By pressuring school districts to open their doors without strict national guidelines or safety measures, Donald Trump is jeopardizing the health and safety of millions of children and hundreds of thousands of teachers and faculty. Just today, Mike Pence admitted that they didn’t want CDC guidelines to be “too tough” – needlessly exposing our children to the coronavirus instead of working quickly to help operationalize distance learning for students of all backgrounds.

“Donald Trump and Mike Pence are forcing Pennsylvania into a false choice: the health and safety of students or school funding. Threatening schools to reopen without offering any federal support spotlights this president’s cruelty and proves Trump will always put himself before Pennsylvania families,” said Kyle Morse, an American Bridge 21st Century Spokesperson. “Donald Trump is all talk, no action, and Pennsylvanians can see right through it. Leadership and character are on the ballot, and that’s why the Keystone state is going to propel Joe Biden to the White House.”

Pennsylvania By The Numbers:

  • Over 92,000 confirmed coronavirus cases [Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/20]
  • Over 6,800 coronavirus-related deaths [Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/20]
  • 2.7 million Pennsylvanians have filed for unemployment since March [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/7/20]
  • 1,724,454 Pennsylvania public school students are enrolled in Pre-K-12 [Pennsylvania Department of Education, Accessed on 7/8/20
  • Almost 220,000 Pennsylvania teachers and support staff work across Pennsylvania [PSBA, Accessed on 7/8/20]

AB21’s Recent Work in Pennsylvania:

  • American Bridge 21st Century deployed new ads in its $25 million TV and digital Swing County Project [Link to release]
  • American Bridge 21st Century expanded the Swing County Project with a $5 million digital ad buy targeting swing-state voters in Pennsylvania [Link to release]
  • Shortly after Trump’s Tulsa rally, American Bridge 21st Century announced a five-figure digital ad buy slamming Trump’s “Slow the Testing Down” gaffe [Link to release]
  • American Bridge 21st Century launched a $20 million Swing County Project running through the end of August [Link to release]
    • Ads airing in Erie, Harrisburg/Lancaster, Johnstown/Altoona, Pittsburgh, and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton media markets

Published: Jul 8, 2020 | Last Modified: Jul 12, 2020

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