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News Energy Environment Thursday, Jan 5 2012

MEMO: Candidate Romney’s Attack Boomerangs On Governor Romney

Mitt Romney today has adopted the message of former Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann in a transparent attempt to appeal to her extremist supporters. Romney’s phony outrage about “crony capitalism” is particularly surprising considering Romney’s record in Massachusetts. When Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, “the state handed out $4.5 million in loans to two firms run by his campaign donors that have since defaulted, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.” Romney lured one of the companies to Massachusetts by offering a direct loan from the state and his Administration bragged about using government loans to attract business. But, now that Romney is running for President, he claims that government loans to private companies are “crony capitalism.” It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy from a candidate who has proven he will do or say anything to advance his political career.

News Thursday, Jan 5 2012

ABC News: Rick Santorum, Mr. Bipartisan Compromise – And Mr. Pro Wrestling?

On January 4, 2012, ABC News reported:

Interestingly, Santorum early in his legal career played a key role in the rise of pro wrestling. As a young associate attorney for Kirkpatrick & Lockhart in Pittsburgh in the 1980s, Santorum lobbied in Harrisburg on behalf of the World Wrestling Federation in a successful effort to de-regulate pro-wrestling, “arguing that pro wrestling was entertainment, and not a sport, and, as such, should be exempted from federal steroid regulations,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported in a 1994 profile.

AB Leadership Monday, Jan 2 2012

POLITICO's Arena: Is Santorum's Surge For Real?

Is everyone familiar with the phrase 'save the best for last'? This is pretty much the opposite of that. Right now, Santorum is the reaping the benefits of being the worst candidate in the field. Republican primary voters are so desperate to nominate anyone but Mitt Romney, that they've literally gone through everyone else. This started with Donald Trump last spring, and since the summer has rapidly cycled through Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, and Paul. Each of them proved to be a fatally flawed candidate once they got their moment in the spotlight. Fortunately for Santorum, his turn just happens to coincide with the Iowa caucuses. He is also benefiting from having his surge occur in the week between Christmas and New Year's. Assuming that the latest polling accurately reflects Santorum as the anti-Romney vote du jour, the increased scrutiny he'll receive this week will help Republican voters realize that since losing his last election by 17 points, Santorum has been working as a corporate lobbyist.

AB Leadership Friday, Dec 30 2011

POLITICO's Arena: Why Did Michele Bachmann implode?

Michele Bachmann's campaign imploded for exactly the reason that political experts in D.C. never took her campaign seriously to begin with and why many were so surprised by her victory at Ames. As people who follow politics closely already knew, while her bombastic rhetoric may be ideal for riling up a crowd, her propensity for gaffes leaves her vulnerable once one stops and actually thinks about what she said. This is a candidate that actually told a crowd in South Carolina that the reason that she worked for the IRS is "because the first rule of war is 'know your enemy.'" These type of outlandish statements and unforced errors may have helped her raise money as a backbencher congresswoman, but couldn't hold up against the scrutiny of a national campaign.

News Climate Change Energy Thursday, Dec 29 2011

Washington Post: Donations Flowed To Gingrich’s Nonprofit After He Shifted On Energy Issues In 2008

On December 28, 2011, the Washington Post reported:

A month after joining Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi in a televised call to fight climate change in 2008, Newt Gingrich pivoted to a much different message: Increase domestic drilling and block legislation aimed at implementing a “cap-and-trade” system to curb carbon pollution. [...] Within weeks, the money began pouring in from major U.S. energy firms, which eventually contributed more than $2 million to American Solutions’ pro-drilling and anti-cap-and-trade campaign for the next two years, according to a review of disclosure reports and other records by The Washington Post.

News Health Care Wednesday, Dec 28 2011

WSJ: Gingrich Applauded Romney's Health Plan

On December 27, 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported:

Newt Gingrich voiced enthusiasm for Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health-care law when it was passed five years ago, the same plan he has been denouncing over the past few months as he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination.

Media Coverage Of

American Bridge 21st Century just released this video compilation of media reports covering our ownership of To read about what we did with the site, click here.

Josh Mandel Friday, Dec 23 2011

VIDEO: 12 Days Of Christmas, American Bridge Style

From gaffes to flip flops to crony capitalism, this has been a fun year to be involved with politics at American Bridge 21st Century. As 2011 draws to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at just a few of the stories that have made headlines over the last 365 days. “Between the Republican Presidential, Senate and House candidates, this has been a year of bountiful flip flops, gaffes and just outright craziness. As the year comes to a close, we at American Bridge would like to wish you a happy holiday and leave you with some of our favorite moments,” said Rodell Mollineau, President of American Bridge 21st Century. Happy holidays from American Bridge! We hope you enjoy our take on the 12 Days of Christmas.

AB Leadership Wednesday, Dec 21 2011

Buy Now! Own NewtGingrich.Com! Won’t Last Long!

With the holiday season rapidly upon us, what do you get for the Republican primary candidate who has everything? American Bridge 21st Century has the perfect gift: As the people who brought you, it’s not that we didn’t have our own ideas about what to do with the site. But, in true holiday spirit, we figured it might go to someone with greater need than us. Maybe someone trying to get that added edge going into 2012, or perhaps someone who may have been too busy earlier in the year to secure it on their own. We thought of giving it away, but we wouldn’t want to be accused of being socialists. So, make your best offer. We’re asking for $1 million, but we’d be happy to accept $500,000 in bling. Heck in the spirit of Christmas we might even let it go for $10,000.

News LGBTQ+ Tuesday, Dec 20 2011

NY Times: New Focus On Incendiary Words In Paul’s Newsletters

On December 19, 2011, the New York Times reported:

Emerging as a real Republican contender in Iowa, Representative Ron Paul of Texas is receiving new focus for decades-old unbylined columns in his political newsletters that included racist, anti-gay and anti-Israel passages that he has since disavowed.

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