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News Taxes Sunday, Oct 2 2011

Oakland Press: Pete's Tune Changes

Pete Hoekstra's flip-flop on the no-tax pledge was covered by the Oakland Press:

Not only was the news release a tad misleading, it lead to a rehash of the fact that Mr. Hoekstra had done a somersalt on the issue or if your prefer, which the current Hoekstra campaign does not, he flip-flopped.

News Energy Friday, Sep 30 2011

RELEASE: Sen. Scott Brown’s Truckload of Lies

WASHINGTON -- Continuing his quest to hide his record from Bay Staters, Sen. Scott Brown used a recent Watertown appearance to lie to constituents about supporting tax loopholes for oil companies and powerful corporations.

At a September 28 event at the Watertown Chamber of Commerce, Sen. Scott Brown responded to a question from a concerned constituent by making a series of false statements and misleading claims to perpetuate the myth that he is fighting for working Massachusetts families.

AB Leadership Thursday, Sep 29 2011

Huffington Post: Nebraska GOP Senate Candidate Jon Bruning Hires Man Behind Infamous 'Willie Horton' Ad

On September 29, 2011 the Huffington Post wrote about the latest misstep from the Jon Bruning campaign:

"What better way to reform your image as a politician who makes racially insensitive comments than to hire the ad firm that makes racially insensitive ads?" said Rodell Mollineau, president of American Bridge 21st Century."

News Wednesday, Sep 28 2011

Washington Post: Nebraska GOP frontrunner takes a few steps back

On September 28, 2011 the Washington Post reported:

The Nebraska Republican primary was supposed to be a coronation for state Attorney General Jon Bruning. Instead, it has revealed some significant holes in the political armor of the man many GOPers expected to beat Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson next year...

AB Leadership Wednesday, Sep 28 2011

ABC News: Anita Perry Says Debater Husband Will Be ‘Better Prepared This Time’

"While her husband travels across the country fundraising this week, Anita Perry made a two-day swing through Iowa, campaigning on his behalf and assuring voters he’ll perform better in the next debate. As reported by the Des Moines Register, Anita defended her husband’s performance at the GOP presidential debate last week, saying he has had no debate training. “He’s never had a debate class nor debate coach in his life,” Anita told an audience at a breakfast in Urbandale, Iowa , this morning, according to the newspaper. “He’s going to be better prepared this time.”

News Wednesday, Sep 28 2011

Roll Call: Rand Paul, Sharron Angle Wade Into N.M. GOP Senate Race

On September 27, 2011, Roll Call reported:

New Mexico Lt. Gov. John Sanchez announced Tuesday that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul endorsed him in the Republican Senate primary. [...] This is the second endorsement Tuesday that has ties to the tea party in the New Mexico race. The Hotline reported that Sharron Angle, who lost to Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) last year, endorsed businessman Greg Sowards, a long-shot candidate.

News Foreign Policy Tuesday, Sep 27 2011

VIDEO: Mitt's Flips: Harvard

American Bridge today released its third "Mitt's Flips" video -- this one focused on Romney's new habit of mocking Harvard, his own alma mater. Romney clearly enjoys mocking Democrats for what he implies is their connection with the "Harvard faculty lounge." Of course, Romney earned his JD & MBA degrees there and his campaign relies on Harvard policy advisers and Harvard campaign donations.

AB Leadership Education Tuesday, Sep 27 2011

POLITICO: From Perry, an homage to Democratic group's Romney hit

On September 27, 2011 POLITICO reported:

"On Friday, the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge released a video headed, "Mitt's Flips: Race to the Top," which juxtaposed their tracker's footage of Romney with debate footage on the education program Race to the Top, and ended with his debate line, "words matter." Yesterday, Perry's campaign put out a video called "Romney's Race to the Flop," which contrasted debate footage with ... American Bridge tracking footage, with the logo blacked out. The kicker: "Words matter.""

AB Leadership Foreign Policy Monday, Sep 26 2011

Huffington Post: 'Harvard Faculty Lounge' Gives Mitt Romney More Than $56,000 In Donations

On September 26, the Huffington Post reported:

"Mitt Romney's routine castigation of the President Obama-"Harvard faculty lounge" nexus has always rung a bit hollow, considering the former Massachusetts governor's own ties to the university. [...] UPDATE: The American Bridge, a Democratic non-government research group, sends over two more anecdotes that further complicate Romney's digs at Obama's Harvard roots. The former Massachusetts Governor has turned to Harvard Business School graduate and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman to help trumpet his job creation proposals, even quoting her in the plan itself. Romney also gave $50,000 to the Harvard Business School in 2003, according to IRS filings -- underscoring either how much he actually values the institution from which he graduated or illustrating how deeply he wanted to maintain good relations with the university at the time."

Josh Mandel Saturday, Sep 24 2011

Toledo Blade: Financial disclosure to be filed by Mandel

Despite a due date of May 15, Josh Mandel told the Toledo Blade he plans for file his Senate personal financial disclosure in October.

State Treasurer Josh Mandel's campaign said Friday it expects to file sometime in October a federal personal financial disclosure form that was due May 15.

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