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Monday, May 6 2024

Trump’s Apprentice-Style MAGA VP Search Off To Embarassing Start

Instead of holding a campaign rally this weekend, Trump used his free time from his chaotic criminal trial to summon donors and vice presidential contenders to Mar-a-Lago for an odd, Apprentice-style running mate audition. Trump’s current shortlist for vice president is a who’s who of anti-democratic election deniers, anti-abortion extremists, and Trump sycophants. According to audio obtained by Axios, Trump heaped praise on the field and…

Monday, Dec 12 2022

ICYMI – The American Independent: Mike Pence calls Brittney Griner release an ‘ill-advised’ and ‘uneven’ trade

Today, the American Independent reported that former Vice President and 2024 hopeful Mike Pence criticized Brittney Griner’s release from a Russian penal…

Tuesday, Sep 22 2020

American Bridge 21st Century Launches Pence Update to Publicly-Accessible Trump Opposition Research Hub

The first-of-its-kind website provides free and searchable thematic reports on Trump and Pence’s failed administration. In advance of the Vice…

Tuesday, Aug 11 2020

All In! We Applaud Biden’s VP Pick, Kamala Harris

American Bridge 21st Century Applauds Biden For Selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as Running Mate Today, American Bridge 21st Century…

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