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U.S. Senate

Josh Mandel Environment Saturday, Jan 1 2011

Josh Mandel On The Environment

2009: Mandel Voted Against Requiring Buildings Constructed With State Money To Adhere To Energy Efficiency Standards. In 2009, Mandel voted against HB 7, “to require a building or structure constructed using state capital budget moneys to adhere to certain energy efficiency and building standards.” The bill passed 55-43. [H.B. 7, 12/16/09]

Josh Mandel Education Saturday, Jan 1 2011

Josh Mandel On Education

Mandel Voted Against Over $660 Million In K-12 Education Funding. In 2010, Josh Mandel was one of only 18 legislators in both the House and the Senate (out of 129 legislators) to vote against House Bill 462, the capital re-appropriations bill. The bill included $668,512,112 for primary and secondary education. [H.B. 462, 3/16/10]

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