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Friday, Sep 2 2016

ICYMI: Kelly Ayotte Bear Hugs Donald Trump In Primary Debate

Sep 02, 2016

Last night Kelly Ayotte embraced Donald Trump more than ever before. We saw who Kelly Ayotte has been and would continue to be: A senator who puts special interests and the party leadership ahead of New Hampshire.

At times it seemed as though Donald Trump was on stage in Concord rather than Kelly Ayotte. When not misrepresenting her record on voting to slash Pell Grants and deny funding for women’s health, Ayotte demonstrated that she will happily march in lockstep with Trump’s outrageous policies. From turning a blind eye to Trump’s racist insults to Latinos and African Americans to praising Trump’s supposed negotiating prowess, Kelly Ayotte demonstrated just how highly she regards Donald Trump.

“Because I have strongly supported Pell Grants and I want to make sure that they are there and they are accessible for students in New Hampshire.” (No, she hasn’t supported Pell Grants)

“I will be voting for him [Trump]”

“This is where I agree with Donald Trump, uh, because I think he would be a much stronger negotiator”

“…which is exactly what Donald Trump is talking about.”

Published: Sep 2, 2016 | Last Modified: Jan 18, 2024

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