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News Thursday, Dec 1 2011

Now That He's Running For Senate, Will Tommy Thompson Finally Give Up His Lobbying Ties?

Dec 01, 2011

Washington, DC – Just as he has been pretending not to be a lobbyist, Tommy Thompson has spent the last few months pretending not to be a candidate for Senate. Maintaining this “unofficial candidate” status has allowed him to continue working for his corporate clients while raising money from them for his campaign with a wink and a nod. Now that Thompson is officially announcing his candidacy and dropping the charade, the question remains, will he sever his ties with his corporate clients?

Thompson indicated he would cut some ties at some point, but he refused to indicate which ones and when as highlighted in a video by American Bridge 21st Century:

“It is impossible for Tommy Thompson to serve two masters; either he will represent the interests of Wisconsinites or those of his corporate clients. It is time for him to choose,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century.

Since leaving the Department of Health and Human Services, Thompson has sat on the board of at least 18 companies, most in the fields of medicine, pharmaceutical and medical supply which HHS regulated.

AGA Medical, 2005-2011 [DEF 14A, 4/29/10]
Centene Corp., 2005-present [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/16/06]
CNS Response, 2009-2010 [10-K/A, 1/25/10]
C.R. Bard, 2005-2011 [DEF 14A, 3/17/06]
Flambeau River Papers, 2007-? [Personal Financial Disclosure, 8/13/07]
Global Renewable LLC, 2009-? [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/22/09]
HealthShares, 2007-? [PR Newswire US, 3/21/07]
IGP Technologies, 2006-? [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/8/06]
Medco Health Solutions, 2006-? [PR Newswire US, 10/16/06]
Organ Transport Systems, 2005-2011 [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/14/11]
Picis, Inc., 2007-? [Personal Financial Disclosure, 8/13/07]
Procure Treatment Centers, 2008-? [Wisconsin State Journal, 11/16/08]
PURE Bioscience, 2006- 2009 [Milwaukee Business Journal, 2/23/06]
SpectraScience, 2007-2009 [POS AM, 5/11/10; DEF 14A, 4/8/08]
StayHealthy, Inc., 2011-? [PR Newswire, 5/16/11]
United Therapeutics, 2010-2011 [Wisconsin State Journal, 12/26/09]
Verichip, Inc. 2005- 2007 [Business Wire, 7/7/05]
Whey Cool, 2007-? [Personal Financial Disclosure, 8/13/07]

Published: Dec 1, 2011

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