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News Wednesday, Mar 11 2015

MEMO: 10 Questions For Jeb Bush And One For The Media

Mar 11, 2015

To: Interested Parties
From: Brad Woodhouse, President, American Bridge 21st Century
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Re: 10 Questions For Jeb Bush And One For The Media

I have one question for the media. If y’all are going to spend every waking moment obsessing over the minutiae of Hillary Clinton’s email habits, why shouldn’t Jeb Bush — whose usage of private emails and servers during his tenure as governor is strikingly similar to Clinton’s — be subject to the same scrutiny?

If anything, Governor Bush has more issues with his transparency than Secretary Clinton, and he’s done far less to address them.

So here are ten questions he should answer:

  1. If Bush sent and received over 3 million emails as governor, as he has said himself, how are we to believe only 250,000 were public records?
  1. How did Jeb Bush decide which emails were public records and which staff members were in charge of that process?
  1. What key issues were discussed in the 90% of emails that remain unreleased? The 2000 recall? Terry Schaivo?
  1. Did Jeb Bush delete emails, or are the remaining emails all preserved somewhere?
  1. When did Jeb Bush finish handing over emails to the state archives of Florida, and did he comply with state law?
  1. Jeb Bush also had a private server — why did he think that was necessary?
  1. Where was the Bush server located?
  1. Why did Bush staff members and family members have emails on the server?
  1. As Governor of Florida, and brother of the President, Jeb Bush engaged with foreign leaders and the White House – was that server secure for such important communications, and are any of those emails being hidden?
  1. Did Jeb have multiple email devices, or did he use all emails from the same government issued phone?

Published: Mar 11, 2015

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