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Doug Mastriano Monday, May 16 2022

Mastriano Repeatedly Says He’s Picked a PA Sec. of State — But Won’t Say Who

May 16, 2022

Doug Mastriano, the Trump-endorsed Republican frontrunner in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, has repeatedly said that he knows who he will pick as Secretary of State should he win in November.

But what Mastriano has not shared is who, exactly, that will be. True to form, he was recently caught on tape saying to an audience member that he would not say “publicly” who his pick would be.

That’s for good reason. Pennsylvania’s governor will have the power to certify (or decertify) election results and appoint a Secretary of State — but why would Mastriano pick anyone but a Big Lie champion and conspiracy theorist just like him?

Mastriano has made it clear that not only has he picked his Secretary of State, but that he did so because of their commitment to voter suppression, overturning democracy, and securing the White House for Donald Trump in 2024 by any means necessary:

March 3, 2022. John Fredericks Show

“In Pennsylvania, the Secretary of State is not elected. He or she is appointed by the governor. And that gives the governor a lot of power and say on how elections are conducted, because elections are underneath the purview of the Secretary of State, that we call the Secretary of the Commonwealth. And so I have the power as governor to decertify or certify any machines or anything else involved with elections. At the stroke of a pen, I can decertify every single machine in the state. So what’s going to happen here, on day one, is any machines that are compromised and we’re not going to throw the names of the companies out there, but they’ve been discussed a lot. They’re gone. They’re done. And we’re going to have to go with assets. I’d prefer paper ballots. We’ll work with the counties on this. We’ll go with the assets that actually are reliable and can’t go online. Additionally, the Secretary of State can inspect the voting logs and everything else in each of the counties. So, I already have a Secretary of State picked out.”

March 24, 2022. WRTA Facebook Live

“As governor of Pennsylvania, I get to appoint the Secretary of State, the single individual that oversees elections. Yes, the legislative body has oversight also, as we always do in all areas of state matters. But this individual here directly affects how our elections are conducted under the purview of the governor. I already have that individual selected. I have a team of people that would work for this individual here.”

March 30, 2022. WPIC

“I’m Doug Mastriano, and I get to appoint the Secretary of State who’s delegated from me the power to make the corrections to elections, the voting logs and everything. I could decertify every machine in the state with the stroke of a pen. I already had the Secretary of State picked out. It’s a world class person that knows voting integrity better than anyone else in the nation, I think, and I already have a team that’s gonna be built around that individual.”

April 12, 2022. John Fredericks Show

“I already have a team picked out and I also have a Secretary of State picked out, which I haven’t announced yet who it is. These people are like the rockstars of the United States and Pennsylvania voting integrity. So we can shake it up quite a bit.”

April 23, 2022. Bannon’s War Room

“As governor, I get to appoint the Secretary of State, and I have a voting reform minded individual who’s been traveling the nation and knows voting reform extremely well. That individual has agreed to be my Secretary of State.”

April 27, 2022. John Fredericks Show

“In Pennsylvania, we have a unique position here is that I get to appoint the Secretary of State. It’s not an elected position here. That’s a lot of power there because the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania oversees, on my behalf, election integrity. And so I got a team lined up. I got a Secretary of State lined up that’s going to be fantastic. And we’re going to clean it up. We’re going to get the dead off the rolls. I might even have to reset voter registration and start all over again across the state.”


Published: May 16, 2022 | Last Modified: May 18, 2022

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