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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Chris Sununu Tuesday, Jan 24 2023

LISTEN: GOP Presidential Wannabe Chris Sununu Calls for Slashing Entitlements & Education

Jan 24, 2023

Today, New Hampshire Governor and 2024 GOP presidential longshot Chris Sununu called into the The Hugh Hewitt Show to talk about his far-right agenda to slash America’s social safety net and education system. He’s yet another 2024 contender who wants calls to cut entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. 

In the interview, Sununu said he wants to cut the Department of Education by 90%. As governor, Sununu has been a staunch opponent of public education, slashing New Hampshire’s education budget and siphoning away funding to a school voucher program that’s now facing a lawsuit for violating the New Hampshire constitution. 

LISTEN HERE: Sununu’s interview on the Hugh Hewitt show talking about cutting Social Security, Medicare, and the Department of Education 

Key Quotes

When asked about potentially raising the retirement age, putting Medicare and Social Security benefits for millions at risk (2:27): 

  • “If you plan ahead, you can do it so any of the changes that come, come to that next generation, if you will. And again, it’s not necessarily a loss of benefits. It’s just fundamentally changing, to your point, how you test things.

When asked about further cuts to Social Security or Medicare (4:18): 

  • “You’ve got to give a little to get a lot. And that can always be done, whether it’s balancing a budget or managing, I mean, we don’t really have a lot of debt in New Hampshire, because we have a balanced budget and a surplus every year.”

When asked about education (7:01): 

  • “You take the Department of Education, for example, you can cut it by, you can keep all the money, but you can cut it by 90% and you get rid of all the bureaucracy.”

Listen to the full interview here.

Published: Jan 24, 2023

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