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Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Joe Heck, It's Too Little, Too Late.

Oct 08, 2016

Joe Heck’s decision to abandon Donald Trump is way too little, way too late.

This morning Heck acknowledged he had “looked past” the comments of Donald Trump — including Trump’s body shaming of women, attacks a Gold Star family, and suggesting that veterans who suffer from PTSD aren’t mentally strong.  Heck was able to “look past” Trump’s portrayal of Mexicans as rapist and criminals, his call to ban all Muslims from the country, and his nonchalant approach to nuclear proliferation. Heck even stood by Trump as the casual racism and white nationalism of Trump’s campaign personally affected Heck’s family.

The entire time, Heck continued to stand by Trump, acknowledging that he was “completely supporting” Trump and following up with, “Why wouldn’t I?

“Only now that it’s politically convenient is Joe Heck attempting to backtrack his support of Donald Trump. It shouldn’t have taken a tape of Trump crudely talking about women in language that is the definition of rape culture to make Heck reconsider his position,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Heck is just like every other politician, he’s not voting his conscience, he’s doing what he believes is best politically, not morally. Nevada women and families won’t forget that anytime soon.”

Published: Oct 8, 2016

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