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Friday, Aug 24 2012


Aug 24, 2012

Mitt Romney is throwing a party, and Mike Huckabee is on the VIP list.

Huckabee has broken from mainstream Americans and raced to defend Rep. Todd Akin’s hateful and disgusting comments about “legitimate rape.” In fact, according to The Atlantic, Huckabee has emerged as “Akin’s Biggest Backer.”

And this Monday, Romney is giving him a prime time speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. Democrat or Republican — there’s no place in our discourse for defending the indefensible.

We know that when it comes to taking away rights for women and their families, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan share many of Rep. Akin’s views. But they cannot stand by while Akin’s chief apologist takes the stage at their convention.

Enough is enough.

Romney claims he doesn’t stand by Akin and Huckabee’s views, so let’s tell him put his money where his mouth is.  Sign our Petition. Tell Mitt Romney — Drop Huck:

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Published: Aug 24, 2012

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