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News Monday, May 18 2015

Courting the King: GOP Field Races to the Right in Iowa

May 18, 2015

The Republican 2016 field visited Iowa this weekend to court the king — Steve King that is. The cantaloupe-conspiracy theorist, and right wing svengali of today’s Republican Party, was in fine form — jabbing Jeb Bush on immigration and comparing immigrants to Santa Ana’s army.

Picking up where King left off were the GOP’s White House aspirants. From Bobby Jindal’s defense of discriminatory RFRA laws to Scott Walker touting his anti-worker agenda as a qualification for the presidency, the day was chock-full of red meat.

It’s official, the race to the right is on.

Jeb Bush

Said answer to Megyn Kelly on Iraq was “a great answer”:  YouTube

Struggling with Common Core:  YouTube

Would let Renewable Fuel Standard expire:  YouTube

Proud of failed president and brother George W.: YouTube

Opposed to DACA and DAPA: YouTube

Wants…more mercury in the air (?):  YouTube

Scott Walker

Listing his “accomplishments”:  YouTube

Rand Paul

Taking a shot at Jeb Bush on the Iraq war:  YouTube

Bobby Jindal

Defending RFRA and comparing ISIS to threats against religious liberty:  YouTube

Rick Santorum

Supporting 10,000 ground troops to fight ISIS:  YouTube

Lindsey Graham

Calling for residual troops in Afghanistan:  YouTube

Ben Carson

Talking about EMPs:  YouTube

Steve King

Taking shot at Jeb Bush: YouTube

Comparing immigrants to Santa Ana’s army: YouTube

Wanting the rule of law, not Sharia Law:  YouTube

“You cannot rebuild your culture with somebody else’s children”:  YouTube

Chuck Grassley

Earth to Jeb: stating the importance of the Iowa straw poll:  YouTube

Published: May 18, 2015

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