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CO-GOV Candidate Greg Lopez Agrees Obama Is “Not A True Black Man”

Jun 06, 2022

On Friday, the Colorado Times Recorder reported that Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez agreed with a supporter’s racist rant about former President Barack Obama during a May campaign rally. 

Lopez repeatedly laughed and said “That’s true” and “Right,” while a supporter claimed President Obama is a “mulatto” and “not a true black man.”

During his run for governor, Lopez has been repeatedly criticized by Colorado voters for his racist and bigoted remarks. Back in March, he suggested LGBTQ+ students were bullying straight students into a “heterosexual closet” and in May he vowed that he wouldn’t pick a Jewish or Muslim running mate.

The Colorado Times Recorder: Republican Gov. Candidate Lopez Agrees With Audience That Obama Is “Not A True Black Man”

By Sean Price | June 3, 2022

Key Points

  • “Greg Lopez, a Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, said at a May campaign event in Silverton that he agreed with a racially charged rant concerning former U.S. President Barack Obama.”
  • “Greg Lopez: ‘… a voting block, that had never really voted, that came out. They came out to vote because they saw something in common. They thought he [Obama] was going to help them but we know he didn’t do anything to help their community.’” “Audience Member: ‘May I interrupt this momentarily? He [Obama] is not a true Black man in the first place.’” “Greg Lopez: ‘That’s true.’” “Audience Member: ‘He’s a mulatto.’” “Greg Lopez: ‘Right.’” “Audience Member: ‘Now there’s nothing wrong with being a mulatto. You’re half white and half black. But anyone who calls him the first Black president? That’s bullshit.’” “Greg Lopez: ‘Right.’ [Laughing]”

Read the full report here.

Published: Jun 6, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 28, 2022

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