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News Press Releases Thursday, Mar 21 2024

BREAKING: Oppo Research Giant American Bridge Launches Anti-GOP U.S. House Program

Mar 21, 2024

American Bridge 21st Century has been the leading force in opposition research for over a decade in Democratic politics.

No matter the election, we’ve been there to give the background on terrible Republicans running for office up and down the ballot.

Now, for the first time as an organization, we’re expanding our opposition research targets to Republicans running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Republicans running for the U.S. House have spent the past decade coasting on Donald Trump’s reprehensible behavior and outright bigotry. No longer,” said Pat Dennis, president of American Bridge 21st Century. “American Bridge is here to make sure that Grand Old Party members are being held to account for their anti-choice, anti-democratic and anti-health care views. If the Republican Party is going to continue putting up racists, QAnon lunatics and supporting characters from The Handmaid’s Tale as their candidates, we’re going to make sure voters know it.”

This project will be helmed by American Bridge’s new U.S. House Research Director, Erin Sullivan, who brings years of experience investigating conservative politicians and holding them accountable for their dangerous policy positions. Sullivan joins American Bridge after serving as the Rapid Response Director at Facts First, and is an alum of multiple campaigns, including Sen. Michael Bennet and Gov. Steve Bullock’s U.S. Senate campaigns, and Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns for U.S. Senate and president.

On the communications side, the opposition research program will be run by Philip Shulman, who has made countless Republicans fearful of their morning clips. He’s joined by American Bridge’s senior executive writer and U.S. House expert Matilda Bress and national press secretary Monica Venzke in ensuring Republicans running for the U.S. House are held accountable for their policies and positions.

Published: Mar 21, 2024 | Last Modified: Mar 22, 2024

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