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News Health Care Sunday, Aug 7 2011

VIDEO: Bachmann Says Health Insurers Shouldn't Be Required To Pay For Birth Control

Aug 07, 2011

BACHMANN: Earlier this week we saw the President of the United States in effect take a magic wand and say to every private insurance company in America: you will now offer free birth control pills and so-called morning after pills, which some researchers say are actually abortion-inducing drugs. The President of the United States said to every insurance company, you will now offer those. Plus, you cannot require a copay for those items. So it’s free. But the real truth is, they’re not free. What the president’s just said, is now all of us have to pay that co pay for other people’s birth control and for other people’s morning after pills. Now, people want to buy those drugs, they can buy them. But now people who have a moral issue, it violates their conscience to be in support of abortion and pay for other people’s abortions. Now every American as a condition of citizenship will be forced to buy a health insurance policy that the federal government forces us to buy. Even if it violates our moral conscience.

Published: Aug 7, 2011

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