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Wednesday, Aug 3 2011

ABC News: Impeach President Obama Over Libya? Jon Huntsman Punts

Aug 03, 2011

On August 3, 2011, ABC News reported:

And this week, when asked by a New Hampshire resident whether President Obama should be impeached over Libya, Huntsman refused to say, telling the voter that he’d “let Congress make that decision.”

Here’s the exchange from a question-and-answer session at a house party Huntsman attended in Rochester, N.H. on Monday night:


HUNTSMAN: “I have a fundamental problem, generally, I mean beyond this decision, just with the decision that has been made to get involved, in Libya, in a tribal country, when we have no definable interest at stake, we have no exit strategy. Look in Afghanistan, you want to get involved in tribal government? How hard it is to extricate yourself once you’ve gotten involved? Let history be your guide. Thank you.”

VOTER: “Do you think it’s impeachable?”

HUNTSMAN: “I’ll let Congress make that decision.”

Representatives from Huntsman’s campaign declined to clarify the former ambassador’s remarks when asked by ABC News.


“Failing to gain any traction in the polls after pledging to run a civil, high-minded campaign, it’s sad to see Jon Huntsman abandon his convictions for a chance to appease the rabid right-wing base by refusing to rule out impeachment,” said American Bridge’s Ty Matsdorf. “As the only candidate with any foreign policy experience, Jon Huntsman had an opportunity to bring real ideas to the table. Unfortunately, he’s willing to throw that away to momentarily impress the far right Tea Party.”

Watch the video of the exchange at Huntsman’s event in New Hampshire:

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Published: Aug 3, 2011

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