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AB Leadership News Press Releases Cecile Richards Reproductive Rights Monday, Feb 26 2024

AB21 Co-Chair Cecile Richards Statement on Alabama IVF Ruling

Feb 26, 2024

In response to the Alabama state Supreme Court ruling on IVF, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Cecile Richards released the following statement:

“Donald Trump and the GOP overturned Roe v. Wade and set the stage for attacks on reproductive rights, like Alabama’s cruel anti-IVF ruling. Every day, the Republican Party leadership is taking away our rights to make decisions about our families and the American people are witnessing the devastating results.

Make no mistake – we are just beginning to see how far the Republican leadership will go in taking away our freedoms. We can’t let them get away with it.”

Published: Feb 26, 2024 | Last Modified: Feb 27, 2024

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