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AB Leadership News Press Releases Reproductive Rights Monday, Mar 4 2024

AB21 Calls Out GOP Efforts to Run From Anti-IVF Records on CNN This Morning

Mar 04, 2024

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century Senior Executive Writer Matilda Bress joined CNN This Morning to talk about her op-ed in Teen Vogue and her story as an “IVF baby” watching Republicans attack the medical care that created her life.

Watch the full interview here.

Key Quotes: 

  • “To see these Republican attacks on IVF, to see the so-called ‘pro-life’ party attack the very process that created my life, that created my brother’s life, it’s heartbreaking.”
  • This is really the consequences of actions from Republicans. From Donald Trump and his handpicked justices overturning Roe v. Wade, you can draw a direct line from that decision to where we are now. Which is, we are now in a country where state by state these states can bring up these cases, these states can ban IVF.”
  • “It’s so disappointing for me to see that it’s not just Alabama. You have the Speaker of the House and 125 House Republicans who have signed on to the Life at Conception Act, which is a ban that uses the same language that the Alabama Supreme Court did. And if passed, it would ban IVF nationwide. It is not just in Alabama.”
  • “The consequences are catching up with Republicans, that they are now trying to run from their records. It’s why we’re seeing the NRSC and different Republican organizations beg their candidates to put out these vague, ‘I support IVF’ statements. Meanwhile they’re backing bills that would ban it nationwide.”
  • “So I really think you need to dig deeper than these kind of vague tweets and statements that Republicans are putting out in the hopes that they’ll essentially con voters into thinking they can be trusted on reproductive rights. You have to look at the record, and the record is that Republicans are doing everything they can to attack reproductive rights. And I don’t think voters are going to fall for that con, I think they know the only way to protect those rights, to protect those reproductive freedoms, including IVF, is to support President Biden in November.”

Published: Mar 4, 2024

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