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News Press Releases Mike Rogers Friday, Jan 19 2024

🩴 FLIP FLOP ALERT​​ 🩴 MI-SEN Candidate Mike Rogers is Now Calling for Government Shutdown After Spending a Decade Opposing Them

Jan 19, 2024

For years, Michigan GOP Senate candidate Mike Rogers has said that government shutdowns  were a “problem,” “unconscionable,” “put America’s national security at risk,” and make “our nation less safe.” But last week, as the GOP-led House tried to send us over a cliff and into a government shutdown, Rogers was cheering their recklessness and said that the GOP should “absolutely” consider a shutdown to protect our national security.

It is interesting that Rogers – facing a competitive primary – is now saying we need a government shutdown to protect our national security, when he knows all they do is hurt America’s national security.

Mike Rogers on The Scott Sands Show 1/10/24:

HOST: Do you think that the Republicans in the House should shut the government down on January 19th until the president agrees to do something about the border issue?

ROGERS: You know, the only problem with shutdowns is it costs you more money to get it cranked up again. And so I prefer that they avoid it, but I will tell you it is a serious enough national security issue that they should consider it. Absolutely.”

It’s not the first flip-flop Rogers has made as he tries to woo the right. Last week, Rogers endorsed Trump for president despite Rogers once describing Trump as “more gangster than presidential” and that “Trump’s time has passed”.

Mike Rogers will just keep folding like a cheap suit to please the MAGA far-right. It reeks of desperation. 

Published: Jan 19, 2024 | Last Modified: Jan 22, 2024

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