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Tuesday, Sep 28 2021

Youngkin Reassures Supporters He Can End Vaccine Requirement As Governor

Sep 28, 2021

Hours before the Virginia governor’s debate, a new report from the American Independent details a hidden recording of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin reassuring a supporter that he can remove Virginia’s vaccine requirement on “day one” if elected governor

On the campaign trail, Youngkin has spread dangerous anti-vaccine COVID-19 rhetoric and continues to oppose commonsense safety measures – despite poll after poll showing overwhelming support for mandates in Virginia and across the country.

Youngkin has previously told Virginians that they “have to just respect” people who refuse to get vaccinated and has encouraged college students to opt-out of vaccine requirements for “whatever reason” they can find. 

Additionally, the deadly spread of the Delta variant hasn’t deterred the out-of-touch multi-millionaire from self-funding anti-vaxxer down-ballot candidates in Virginia.

Watch the hidden recording HERE:


Published: Sep 28, 2021

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