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Monday, Sep 19 2016

Would Temperamentally-Unfit Trump Trash Military As Commander In Chief?

Sep 19, 2016

I should be a newscaster, because I called it before the news!” Donald Trump’s disqualifying lack of maturity was once again on full display this morning, as he took his latest self-congratulatory victory lap in the wake of an act of violence.

Trump didn’t come across as any more temperamentally balanced over the weekend, which he spent tweeting out petty attacks on former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Trump also went after Gates during a campaign rally, calling him a “clown” who “probably has a problem that we don’t know about.” Yesterday, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, echoed Trump’s attacks on Gates and invoked Trump’s “I know more than the generals do, believe me” bravado, suggesting that she and Trump know far more about terrorism than Gates.

Throughout his campaign Trump’s established a pattern of attacking defense experts, as well as military commanders and servicemembers, raising serious concerns about his commander-in-chief readiness: Can we trust Trump to lead the country if he doesn’t respect our military leaders and their expertise?

  • Trump: “I Know More About ISIS Than The Generals Do. Believe Me.”  [Donald Trump Rally, Fort Dodge, IA, 11/12/15]

  • Trump: I Don’t Trust Intelligence From “People Who Have Been Doing It For Our Country.” [“Fox and Friends,” Fox News, 8/17/16]

  • Trump On Military Leaders: “They Don’t know Much Because They’re Not Winning.” [“Face the Nation,” CBS, 6/5/16]

  • Trump: “The Generals Have Been Reduced To Rubble.” [NBC Commander in Chief Forum, New York, NY, 9/7/16]

  • Trump: “Our Military Is In Shambles.” [Donald Trump, Rally, Harrington, DE, 4/22/16]

  • Trump On Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: “I am so much better at what he’s doing than he is.” [Donald Trump, Rally, Colorado Springs, CO, 9/17/16]

Published: Sep 19, 2016

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