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News Thursday, Jan 7 2016

With Campaign Co-Chairs, Cruz All-In For The Anti-Women's Health Xenophobe Vote

Jan 07, 2016

Cruz Co Chair Bob Vander Plaats

Ted Cruz yesterday named the notoriously anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King as one of his national campaign co-chairs. Today, he just announced a second, equally — if not more — extreme co-chair: Bob Vander Plaats, an anti-choice extremist and fierce opponent of LGBT rights who’s gone so far as to compare homosexuality to pedophilia.

From his anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric to his hardline anti-LGBT views, Ted Cruz is working around the clock to prove he’s every bit the alienating right-wing conservative that is Donald Trump. And yesterday and today’s campaign co-chair announcements give him plenty of credibility in that regard. Day in and day out, Cruz continues to prove that he — like Trump — holds and embodies the offensive, hateful views that the GOP base has come to be so fond of.

Published: Jan 7, 2016

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