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Wednesday, Oct 21 2015

With A 27% Favorability Rating, Ron Johnson Does A "Full Flop" On Ex-Im

Oct 21, 2015

Senator Ron Johnson is vulnerable. A recent Wisconsin poll has Johnson losing re-election to the Senate, with a 27% favorability rating. It’s not easy shilling a job-killing, outsource-promoting agenda.


Looking for a rebound in the polls, Johnson’s doing a “Full Flop” on his support for the Export-Import Bank, according to PolitiFact Wisconsin. Johnson opposed and voted against the bank’s reauthorization back in 2012 — a vote that’s today costing Wisconsin jobs.


General Electric recently announced that it will close a Wisconsin plant, and shift the entire operation — including 350 jobs — north of the border to Canada. GE’s explanation? The Ex-Im Bank’s expiration made it impossible for them to compete, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Johnson’s desperately claiming he supports the Ex-Im Bank. But it’s too late — he’s already voted against Wisconsin’s interests, and a symbolic “full flop” won’t change that.

Published: Oct 21, 2015

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