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News Jobs Wednesday, Apr 29 2015

WisPolitics: $4.9 million in WEDC loans delinquent

Apr 29, 2015

Not only is Scott Walker’s scandal-plagued, privatized job agency funding companies that are shipping Wisconsin jobs overseas, but it has a growing problem of loan delinquency. While Walker is out of state laying the groundwork for his presidential bid, his record as governor is crumbling beneath him at home.


The value of WEDC loans that are considered delinquent more than tripled in the last quarter.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. has been criticized for the number of delinquent loans in recent years. The numbers prepared for Thursday’s board meeting show the value of those loans jumped from almost $1.3 million in the second quarter to $4.9 million.

The agency’s figures also show a spike in the number of performance reports that are now delinquent. Those who receive aid through the agency are required to file the reports annually to update, for example, how many jobs had been created.

“The big-picture concern is: Who will be asking those questions once Gov. Walker and Republicans have removed lawmakers from the WEDC Board? The last thing our state jobs agency needs is less oversight and transparency.”

WisPolitics: $4.9 million in WEDC loans delinquent

Published: Apr 29, 2015

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