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Thursday, Apr 2 2015

Will Gov. Pat McCrory go back on his word and limit choice…again?

Apr 02, 2015

Governor Pat McCrory might have a big decision to make: Will he sign new legislation that would restrict women’s right to choose if it reaches his desk? He promised voters in his 2012 campaign that he would sign no new restrictions, but we know how that ended.

In 2013, Gov. McCrory betrayed North Carolina voters by signing legislation seriously limiting women’s right to choose. Will he do it again?

McCrory must make it clear whether he intends to veto the new legislation. Until he does, North Carolinians will remain skeptical that the governor still isn’t a man of his word.

WRAL: New abortion bill extends waiting period, prohibits procedures at UNC hospitals

Published: Apr 2, 2015

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