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News Tuesday, Mar 29 2016

Will Any North Carolina Republicans Actually Admit To Understanding HB2?

Mar 29, 2016

Asked yesterday about the effect of HB2 on a fair housing ordinance in Greensboro and a policy directing municipal contracts in Raleigh, Governor Pat McCrory demurred, claiming, “You’re blindsiding me with a question,” and that, “I’ve been traveling all day, so you’re telling me something I’m not aware of.” 

The Governor signed the bill, which he now claims to not understand, into law under the cover of darkness last week.

Similarly, when asked about the new law Monday, Senator Richard Burr claimed that he’s been travelling out of the country and has little knowledge of the law.  

Richard Burr, in addition to employing a Senate staff to keep him briefed on topics of the day, employs a campaign staff in North Carolina, and a consultant with deep ties to the state legislature.  

This begs the question: Will any North Carolina Republicans admit to understanding their new discriminatory law? Or do they plan to plead ignorance straight through to November?

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Published: Mar 29, 2016

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