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Monday, Feb 14 2022

Who is Timothy Ramthun?

Feb 14, 2022

Four things to know about Mike Lindell’s favorite Wisconsin Gov candidate

Over the weekend, Republican lawmaker and conspiracy theorist Timothy Ramthun announced that he would be joining the increasingly nasty race for governor of Wisconsin. Ramthun joins fellow far-right conservatives Kevin Nicholson and Rebecca Kleefisch in the race. 

While Ranthun’s policies and penchant for conspiracy theories are disturbing — as is the direct line he has to Donald Trump — he’s not the only radical in the running. Both Kleefisch and Nicholson are in lockstep with Ramthun when it comes to supporting the anti-worker, anti-democratic politics that hurt Wisconsin so significantly during Scott Walker’s tenure. 


  • Ramthun is a true believer in the Big Lie. Ramthun has received national attention for spreading the false conspiracy that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. His campaign website includes a 72-page PowerPoint detailing how he plans on revoking Wisconsin’s ten electoral votes — a plan he tried to enact in the Wisconsin legislature, and that was called “illegal” by other Republicans. He was disciplined by his own Republican Party colleagues for his lies earlier this year.
  • Donald Trump is impressed by Ranthun’s loyalty. After Ranthun’s failed attempt to overturn the 2020 election results, Trump called him directly to praise his efforts to dismantle democracy. Close Trump allies like pillow CEO Mike Lindell have announced their support, with Lindell expected to appear in a rally with Ranthun this weekend.
  • Ramthun has made enemies of Republicans in the legislature. Ranthun’s antics have not endeared him to other Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature. In addition to being formally disciplined for attempting to overturn a democratic election, Assembly Leader Robin Vos removed his only staff member. As a Vos representative explained, “After extensive caucus discussions and dozens of members expressing their displeasure with Representative Ramthun and his staff for using state resources to spread bold-faced lies to people outside of his district, the decision was made to move his staff.”
  • Ramthun would ban abortion “regardless the circumstance,” with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the parent.


Published: Feb 14, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 15, 2022

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