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Press Releases Heidi Ganahl Tuesday, Jun 28 2022

Who is Heidi Ganahl, Winner of the CO-GOV GOP Primary

Jun 28, 2022

After a contentious Republican primary filled with anti-abortion extremism, election conspiracy theories, homophobic remarks, and a plan to eliminate Colorado’s one-person, one-vote system, Heidi Ganahl has emerged from the rubble as the Republican gubernatorial nominee

While Ganahl is already attempting to pivot towards the center and position herself as a “moderate,” over the last six months she has avoided voters and refused to discuss her out-of-touch agenda — spreading election lies, backing abortion bans, and opposing common-sense gun reform:

GANAHL SUPPORTS OVERTURNING ROE AND WILL BAN ABORTION: Abortion rights are incredibly popular in Colorado, where Democrats have passed legislation codifying the right to an abortion. Voters have consistently rejected anti-abortion measures and nearly two thirds of voters believe all women should have access to an abortion. But that hasn’t stopped Ganahl from backing a near-total abortion ban. Ganahl has praised the Republican-majority Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. She has called Colorado’s law protecting abortion rights “disgusting” and made bogus claims that it allows abortion “after birth.” If elected, she will try to strike down Colorado law protecting abortion rights. 

GANAHL SPREADS CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND FALSELY CLAIMS THERE WAS ELECTION FRAUD: Joe Biden won Colorado by nearly 450,000 votes. Enough said, although apparently not for Ganahl. Throughout the primary, Ganahl has repeatedly spread Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” and said that there will be “no fixing” the election, despite zero evidence of fraud in 2020. She has praised conspiracy theorist groups and still refuses to admit Biden won. Ganahl has even gone so far as to defend John Eastman, who helped lead Trump’s attempted coup. Lopez is a fringe conspiracy theorist whose views may be popular with the MAGA Republican base, but are out-of-touch with Colorado voters.

GANAHL WON’T KEEP COLORADANS SAFE FROM GUN VIOLENCE: Colorado has a long, painful history of gun violence and mass shootings, most notably in Columbine and Aurora. Despite all these senseless deaths, Ganahl still opposes common-sense gun reform. When asked about Colorado’s red flag law, Ganahl questioned the “constitutionality of it” and said the bigger issue is making sure “gun rights are preserved.” She also refuses to give a straight answer on whether she would back legislation that raises the age requirement to purchase an AR-15. 

GANAHL IS HIDING HER OUT-OF-TOUCH AGENDAColorado conservatives blasted “Hiding Heidi” throughout the primary after she refused to attend grassroots forums and turned down multiple televised nonpartisan debates. During the general election, Ganahl won’t get away with avoiding voters and she will be held accountable for her far-right views.

“Heidi Ganahl had dodged tough questions about her out-of-touch agenda and tried to hide her extreme views from voters throughout the primary,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Aidan Johnson. “The Colorado GOP is in serious trouble if this is the best the party has to offer voters this election cycle.”


Published: Jun 28, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 26, 2022

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