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News Thursday, Feb 18 2016

Where In The World Is Marco Rubio?

Feb 18, 2016

Marco Rubio can be hard to track down – from missing three-in-10 of his classes as a visiting professor at FIU, to missing 87 percent of roll call votes in the Senate this year and having one of the worst voting records since 2011, to skipping 60 percent of Foreign Relations committee hearings, he’s not great at holding to his commitments. Rubio seems to prefer campaigning to showing up to his day job, but tonight he bailed on a crowd of a few thousand South Carolina voters just days before the primary.

Reactions ranged from puzzled to outraged as Rubio bailed on yet another engagement tonight:

@mckaycoppins: Organizer for #CRConvention says they just heard from Rubio campaign 30

minutes ago that he wasn’t showing up, citing scheduling conflict.

@mckaycoppins: If Rubio really bailed on big conservative confab to go on Megyn Kelly, it’s the ultimate example of choosing national media over grassroots

@Bencjacobs: Rubio campaign says their schedule got blown up this evening and running late to CR event. Gowdy/Tim Scott appearing on his behalf.

@ajjaffe: Conservative Review conference organizers tell me, though, Scott, Gowdy & Jindal (were supposed to intro him) all left when they heard

@RosieGray: yeah crowd is heavily pro-Cruz. but why agree to do it in the first place, given the likelihood of that…

@jonward11: Yes I actually suspect the Rubio folks realized they were walking into a trap bc it was packed w Cruz supporters

@jonward11: Mark Levin not pleased Rubio skipped his event. “Marco rubio wld u raise your hand? he was supposed to be here. Probably went to mcdonalds.”

@mckaycoppins: Michelle Malkin tells audience Rubio tried to make it but couldn’t. Some in crowd boo.

Published: Feb 18, 2016

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