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News Friday, Feb 24 2017

Week of Protests and Town Halls Sends Clear Message: #SpinelessGOP, Do Your Jobs

Feb 24, 2017

After a busy week of protests and town halls across the country, there is more pressure than ever for House and Senate Republicans to stop running from their outraged constituents and start listening to their constituents. The American people have sent a clear message to the #SpinelessGOP: do your jobs.

If Republicans refuse to address constituent concerns about Donald Trump the GOP’s dangerous agenda, then it will surely come back to bite them on Election Day.

Don’t believe us? This week’s headlines speak for themselves:

Real Clear Politics: Voters Confront Republican Lawmakers at Town Halls

AP: Is Jeff Flake avoiding town hall meetings?

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Scores of people protest Sen. Dean Heller outside of Carson City event

Reno Gazette-Journal: Dean Heller says he’ll hold a town hall — if there’s ‘no booing’

At no point was the problem for Taylor starker than with the first question he received: A woman said she had multiple sclerosis and asked whether the provision protecting pre-existing conditions would be maintained if Congress repeals Obamacare.

 – CNN

CNN: Bill Kristol: Hill Republicans asking if they can survive four years of Trump

Huffington Post: This GOP Congresswoman Sure Got An Easy First Question At Her Tele-Town Hall

Pittsburgh CBS: Rep. Murphy Abruptly Cancels Duquesne U. Appearance Over Possible Protests

TPM: Woman who confronted Sen. Cotton said she was dismayed by his response

Politico: GOP split on whether paid protesters are to blame for rowdy town halls

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s office weeds out Democrats, progressives from attending his political events

TPM: Closed-Door Events Become Minefields For GOPers Who Shirk Public Town Halls

WDAY: Health care conversation dominates as Cramer town hall event draws overflow crowd

Some Republicans — including White House aides — have complained that the protests popping up at town halls have been orchestrated by liberal activists…But lawmakers who showed up weren’t so sure they were facing an artificial resistance.

– Politico In health care town hall held without Toomey, crowd decries Obamacare repeal

The Hill: Tom Cotton faces uproar at town hall meeting

San Francisco Chronicle: GOP Rep. McClintock gets an earful at Northern California town hall

The New Yorker: A Town Hall With Constituents But No Senator

The Denver Post: With Congress out of session, many in Colorado ask: Where are the town halls?

The Arizona Republic: Arizona Republicans want to avoid rowdy town halls. Their goal? Don’t go viral

The Tennessean: Hundreds press Marsha Blackburn for answers at town hall

Reno Gaazette-Journal: Heller says he’ll hold a town hall — if there’s ‘no booing’

Huffington Post: At A Town Hall, Constituents Literally Turn Their Backs On GOP Senator

NBC News: Lawmakers Pressed on Trump’s Policies at Town Halls

Business Insider: ‘Don’t repeal Obamacare — improve it’: Republicans face wrath at town-hall events

The Hill: Republicans at risk in 2018 steering clear of town halls

Boston Globe: Republican members of Congress are met with protests at town halls

CNN: GOP’s risky delusion about town hall protests

Chicago Tribune: Republicans who won after rowdy town halls are now avoiding them

Charlotte Observer: Buck up, Republicans. Your constituents want to have a word with you

U.S. News and World Report: GOP Members Avoiding Town Halls

The Hill: Protester at GOP rep town hall: You wasted a lot of money investigating Benghazi, waste a little on Trump

Huffington Post: Testy Town Halls Driving Many GOP Lawmakers To Simply Duck Them

Published: Feb 24, 2017

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