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AB Leadership Tuesday, Mar 29 2022

We Can Help Our Families in Ukraine — By Voting Here in the U.S. 

Mar 29, 2022

In a new Ukrainian language op-ed published by the Zakordonna Gazette, one of the most prominent Ukrainian-language outlets in the United States, American Bridge Gubernatorial and State Communications Director Alexandra De Luca highlights how Republicans all over the country have sided with Vladimir Putin and against President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people. Meanwhile, Democrats have led the charge against his unjustified attacks on Ukraine. 

President Biden and his administration have stood firm in their condemnation of Putin. Meanwhile, Republicans like Donald Trump have praised him. Just hours before he invaded Ukraine, Trump called Putin a “genius” and since, the rest of his party has fallen in line. 

In the op-ed, De Luca highlights anti-Ukrainian rhetoric from North Carolina Republican Congressman Ted Budd, who said that Ukraine is “a total distraction for the American people,” Ohio GOP Senate candidate JD Vance, who openly admitted that he doesn’t care what happens to Ukraine, and Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who argued that it would “insult” Americans in the armed forces to defend Ukraine. 

In response to these grotesque pro-Putin and anti-Democracy statements by Republicans – American Bridge released a new ad targeting markets with large Ukrainian-American populations in key swing states. You can read the oped in Ukrainian below, or in English here.

Zakordonna Gazette: We Can Help Our Families in Ukraine — By Voting Here in the U.S.

By: Alexandra Siryj De Luca | 3/28/2022

Key Points:

  • “But more importantly for our families back in Ukraine, we have also seen unified support from Democratic political leaders, especially President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress, who have stood firm in their condemnation of Putin and his cronies, and taken swift action enacting harsh sanctions to ensure Putin bears the consequences of this violent invasion.” 
  • “I applaud President Biden’s strong leadership in this crisis, including the bipartisan sanctions against Putin and Russia and an historic $13.6 billion in funding sent to directly help the Ukrainian people.”
  • “We won’t forget the insults and the support for Putin shown by Donald Trump and his allies. We’ll remember that as Putin launched his first attacks on Ukraine, Trump was singing his praises. We’ll remember that instead of standing up for Ukrainians getting bombed nightly and for President Zelenskyy leading his people through this invasion, Republican politicians continued to mock our families’ pain and push pro-Putin talking points. Remember, Trump was impeached because he tried to extort Zelenskyy for political dirt on Biden. At Trump’s direction, the U.S. withheld critical military aid from Ukraine — the type of aid that would have helped the Ukrainians fight back against Putin’s advances — for political gain.” 

Read an English translation of the op-ed here.


Published: Mar 29, 2022 | Last Modified: Apr 1, 2022

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