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News Monday, Sep 19 2016

WATCH: Trump Pulls Back The Curtain On Cozy Relationship With Rob Portman

Sep 19, 2016

Rob Portman and his campaign have tried again and again to distance themselves from Donald Trump, continuously insisting that they’re running their own campaign separate from the bombastic Republican presidential nominee. Regardless of what the Portman campaign claims, the Ohio senator has endorsed Donald Trump and continues to support him after each shameful and outrageous comment — and he’ll have to keep answering as to why he hasn’t denounced the racist, xenophobic nominee.

This morning, Donald Trump pulled back the curtain on the Portman campaign on Fox News, saying:

“…We’re getting along great with Rob Portman, who’s also doing well. We’re working together. We’ve endorsed each other. We have a great relationship.”

Watch more below —

Published: Sep 19, 2016

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