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News Friday, Nov 13 2015

WATCH: Spanish-Language Media Hits Carson, Trump, And Rubio On Minimum Wage

Nov 13, 2015

Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump are getting hit by Spanish-language media for their opposition to raising the minimum wage at Tuesday night’s debate. The three candidate’s extreme immigration policies will already make the Republican Party’s fight to win the Latino vote even more difficult. If that wasn’t enough to send voters running, more than 80 percent of Latino and Hispanic voters support increasing the minimum wage.

To add fuel to the fire, today Marco Rubio’s camp is pushing an online campaign against raising the wage in hopes of winning more far-right conservatives’ emails. Rubio, Carson, and Trump’s position shows just how out-of-touch the GOP is on tough economic issues facing Americans.

Watch American Bridge’s new Spanish-language video:

Carson, Trump y Rubio Estan Contra Subir El Salario Mínimo En El Quarto Debate

Published: Nov 13, 2015

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