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Monday, Feb 29 2016

WATCH: Southern Voters Know "Robo Answers" Rubio Doesn't Show Up For Work

Feb 29, 2016

American Bridge took a trip through the South to talk to GOP voters ahead of Super Tuesday, resulting in five web video ads targeting SEC primary states.

The takeaway: Southern GOP voters think Marco Rubio is an untrustworthy and inexperienced Washington insider. They know he doesn’t show up for work, and they have had enough of his “robo answers.”

WATCH: “Rubio: The Absentee Senator”

“He hasn’t been there for anything.”
“If you’re going to represent your state and your country… you got to be there for the votes.”

“Rubio is too inexperienced.”
“He’s got some growing to do…”
“I think he is just a rookie — too inexperienced.”

“He’s thrown a lot of accusations around that are unbased — a big liar.”
“Rubio is a little more pandering, if you will, toward where the political needle is going.”

“He just seems to have changed his stance when he got to Washington…”
“I think that Rubio has just become too much a part of Washington.”

“When I saw him stumble, when Chris Christie caught him, I felt like these really are the robo answers — basically that made my decision for me”

Published: Feb 29, 2016

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