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Thursday, Aug 2 2018

WATCH: Scott Refuses To Say How He'll Prevent Conflicts of Interest As Senator

Aug 02, 2018

This morning in Tampa, Rick Scott again refused to answer reporter questions about how he will prevent conflicts of interest as a Senator. Instead, he repeated the same meaningless talking points Floridians have by now surely memorized.

“Rick Scott’s net worth has skyrocketed by millions while he’s been governor, so of course he has no plan to address his many conflicts of interest,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Rick Scott’s comments today prove yet again that Rick Scott only looks out for himself.”



REPORTER: If you were to become Senator, will you have a blind trust?

SCOTT: Well as you know, I put my assets in a blind trust so I didn’t have any conflicts as governor. I’ve still got to get though this race. And when the race, when I know I’m in a good position, and then —

REPORTER: — But can you say now whether you will? Because it’s still a race — this question’s going to be out there.

SCOTT: When I get through the race, I’ll make a decision.

Published: Aug 2, 2018

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