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Ron Johnson Wednesday, Sep 29 2021

WATCH: Ron Johnson Risks Economic Catastrophe

Sep 29, 2021

A new American Bridge 21st Century video highlights Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s vote this week to block Democratic efforts to raise the debt limit — effectively pushing the country towards an economic catastrophe in the middle of an economic recovery and an ongoing global pandemic.

For months, Johnson has led efforts to organize Republican opposition to raising the debt limit to pay for previous federal spending (that mostly happened under Trump). And Johnson was yesterday at the forefront of Republican opposition to letting Democrats raise the debt ceiling by simple majority — previewing Mitch McConnell’s obstruction of that effort.

Practically speaking, Johnson’s political games are ensuring that the American economy accelerates toward a default, which experts have warned would result in millions of lost jobs and trillions in lost household wealth, while compromising the government’s ability to make good on Social Security, Medicare, and veterans benefits.



Published: Sep 29, 2021

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