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News Wednesday, Mar 6 2019

WATCH: New American Bridge video calls out GOP hypocrisy on Trump’s #FakeNationalEmergency

Mar 06, 2019

American Bridge released a new digital video highlighting the worst of Republican Senators’ hypocrisy on executive power as the Senate is set to vote on a resolution condemning President Trump’s national emergency.

The video reminds viewers of the relative silence of a Republican Party that threw an eight-year fit over President Obama’s use of executive action.

Highlights include:

Senator Cory Gardner: “We cannot allow this President to continue this intentional and misappropriation of power.”

Senator David Perdue: “It’s time for the President to get serious about working with Congress, not circumvent the Constitution every chance he gets.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “My goodness! Does the President not have any respect for the process?”

My goodness, indeed. Watch the video below:

Published: Mar 6, 2019

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