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News Wednesday, Sep 2 2015

WATCH: Donald Trump's Top GOP Chump Insults

Sep 02, 2015

For its latest video, American Bridge sought inspiration from Donald Trump’s love of verbally thrashing his fellow GOP candidates. They’re “weak” and they’re “losers,” he says. They’re “lightweights,” “a bunch of clowns” — they definitely “don’t have it.”

Frontrunner Donald Trump just doesn’t even see them as rivals at this point. He’s been driving the GOP primary dialogue and forcing the Party into some uncomfortable self reflection — particularly with respect to his anti-immigrant rhetoric that’s resonating so well with the Republican base.

Second-place Ben Carson and whomever else is further down there (Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and others) — they’re all running hard to the right, trying to keep up with Trump. Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham have tried to take down Trump, but they’ve fallen by the wayside — the Donald took each of them out with a flick of the wrist. Now, Jeb Bush is having a go — punching up at Trump as best as he can. But no chance Jeb has any better a shot at taking out Trump — Why would he?

Watch American Bridge’s new video, “9 Times Trump Thought You Were A Total Loser Dummy… Who Doesn’t Have A Clue And Would Be A Terrible President,” and bear witness to the passion of a man who — though he may not be the most creative in his insults — just wants to Make America Great Again, you clown.

Published: Sep 2, 2015

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