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Wednesday, Aug 10 2016

WATCH: Chuck Grassley Stands Firm In Support of Trump TODAY After Offensive, Violent Remarks

Aug 10, 2016

Chuck Grassley has been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters, from appearing with him at a rally back in January to working behind the scenes to obstruct President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination and hold the seat open for a potential Trump nominee.

Grassley has said time and time again that he supports Trump — even after Trump attacked a Gold Star family. But yesterday, Trump crossed yet another line when he made the dangerous, reckless suggestion of violence against his political opponent.

This morning at a town hall meeting, Grassley reaffirmed his support for Trump even as the GOP’s presidential nominee takes heat from both sides for his inexcusable and unacceptable suggestion of violence yesterday.

Published: Aug 10, 2016

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