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News Taxes Wednesday, Aug 3 2011

Washington Post Editorial: An early flip-flop for Senate candidate George Allen

Aug 03, 2011

An August 3, 2011 Washington Post editorial wrote:


AS A ONE-TERM Republican senator, George Allen voted four times to raise the nation’s debt ceiling — an expansion totaling $3.2 trillion — explaining at one point that, while it was unpleasant, increasing the limit was the responsible thing to do. Today, as a candidate trying to regain the Virginia Senate seat he lost in 2006, Mr. Allen has found the new debt-limiting religion, and he’s peddling it with the fervor of a convert.

Condemning the spendthrifts in Washington among whom he used to move so collegially, Mr. Allen now blasts the eleventh-hour deal in Congress to avoid default, saying it provides no “long-term solution to our debt crisis.” A spokesman confirms that Mr. Allen, had he been in the Senate, would have voted Tuesday with the minority to defeat the deal.


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Published: Aug 3, 2011

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