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Monday, Oct 24 2016

VoteVets and American Bridge Digital Ad Hits Pat Toomey's Trump Cowardice

Oct 24, 2016

Philadelphia Veteran Criticizes Toomey’s Craven Refusal to Stand Up to Trump

VoteVets and American Bridge are today releasing a new 60-second digital ad highlighting Senator Pat Toomey’s cowardly refusal to disavow Donald Trump as his party’s nominee.

“Pat Toomey: Too Weak to Stand Up for Pennsylvania” features Dave Henderson of Philadelphia, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is concerned by Toomey’s craven lack of leadership in standing by Trump, who lacks the leadership, knowledge, and temperament to be commander in chief.

Statement from Hazel Diaz, Pennsylvania outreach coordinator for VoteVets and a Marine Corps veteran:
“Pat Toomey puts politics above all else. His gutless fear of standing up to Donald Trump, because it might cost him Trump voters, is no profile in courage. Unlike principled Republicans who have stood up to Trump, Pat Toomey appears all too ready to stand by and do nothing as Trump insults and endangers our troops. If he cannot stand up to Trump, he is too weak to fight for Pennsylvania.”

Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:
“Pat Toomey and the Republican Party created Donald Trump. And like the rest of his party, Toomey has enabled Trump for months. Even now, Toomey says Trump’s erratic temperament, praise for dictators, and threats to abandon allies, aren’t disqualifying. Donald Trump is wholly unfit to be commander in chief. And Pat Toomey’s cowardly Trump-enabling proves he’s just as unfit to represent Pennsylvania.”

Watch “Pat Toomey: Too Weak to Stand Up for Pennsylvania” here:

Published: Oct 24, 2016

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