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Bridge Together Voting Rights Tuesday, Apr 26 2022

BridgeTogether’s Grassroots Grantee VoteRiders Empowers Voters in Key Swing States by Holding Voter ID Month of Action

Apr 26, 2022

Throughout the month of April, VoteRiders has been holding a month of action to empower voters in key swing states. VoteRiders is focused on connecting with groups most vulnerable to restrictive voting laws – like young people, students, and new voter communities. Earlier this year, BridgeTogether made a grant to VoteRiders to support their critical work on voter education.

All month, VoteRiders has been hosting events, voter ID clinics, and letter-writing campaigns to ensure that folks know how to vote in their state and to hold elected officials accountable. Far-right voter ID laws are designed to make it harder to vote. Ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, VoteRiders is committed to making sure all voters have access to the ballot.

BridgeTogether is focused on investing in existing, local, on-the-ground partners aligned with our mission, helping ensure off-year investments in civic engagement and voter education, and allowing organizations to build and maintain their staff. We selected these organizations because of their exemplary commitment to building progressive power year-round. 

“VoteRiders is doing extraordinary work this month by making sure voters have what they need to cast their ballot,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Organizing and building grassroots progressive power are necessary year-round – and a big part of that is making sure folks have all the tools and resources they need to vote. Democracy is stronger when we all participate and we all have a stake. That’s why the work VoteRiders is doing is so important – they’re making sure that everyone can perform their civic duty. We are proud to support their efforts and believe deeply in the organization’s mission.” 

Click here to learn more about VoteRiders.

Published: Apr 26, 2022

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