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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Thursday, Aug 24 2023

VIDEOS: What We Saw From Last Night’s Chaotic GOP Debate

Aug 24, 2023

The GOP debated everything from how extreme an abortion ban they could pass to defending Trump’s action on January 6th.

Last night’s chaotic GOP debate in Milwaukee, Wis. showed the American people just how extreme the Republican Party’s candidates are — from wanting to pass federal abortion bans, siding with Putin, “wanting to break the back” of teachers’ unions, and to what felt like endless booing — this is what you need to see from last night’s debate.

MUST WATCH: GOP candidates debate just how extreme their abortion bans can get:

And once again the frontrunners are siding with Putin and not our allies in Ukraine:

DeSantis had the nerve to say “we have to re-establish the rule of law” but refused to say if Mike Pence did the right thing on January 6th by upholding his oath to the Constitution:

But DeSantis wasn’t alone in his disregard for the “rule of law” as nearly every single candidate said they would still support Donald Trump for president even if he were convicted for his crimes:

Admittedly, we were surprised that Fox News called out the Trump-Pence administration for their record government spending:

But it wasn’t as weird as when Nikki Haley, who was part of the Trump-Pence administration, called them out for racking up $8 trillion in debt:

And it wouldn’t have been a real GOP debate without some casual climate change denial:

BONUS: We did have a good laugh about this:

Published: Aug 24, 2023 | Last Modified: Sep 5, 2023

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