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Wednesday, Oct 16 2013

VIDEO: Whose side is Cuccinelli on?

Oct 16, 2013

What if out-of-state companies siphoned natural gas from your property, but refused to pay you the money you were due.

Now imagine how you’d feel if the Attorney General’s office, who you thought would be on your side, was secretly helping those companies fight your claims in court. Searching for answers, you open the newspaper to find out that one of the companies in question had donated more than $100,000 to the campaign of that same Attorney General — who still claimed there was “nothing wrong” with with secretly aiding those out-of-state firms. And on top of all that, the AG fought to keep the whole episode a secret and refused to let a state investigator take a look at his personal involvement. 

Sadly, that’s the position many Virginians find themselves in today thanks to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Here’s American Bridge’s new video: Cuccinelli: Whose Side is He On?

Published: Oct 16, 2013

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