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News Thursday, May 17 2018

VIDEO: Walker Stapleton Called Out for Repeatedly Lying in New Ad

May 17, 2018

WATCH: “We’ve been putting political ads to our truth test for years, and you really don’t see that many blatantly false claims…but Walker Stapleton, he dares to be different”

“Bona fide false”


“As State Treasurer, Stapleton barely has the power to stop payment on a check”

“This ad is writing checks his record can’t cash”

That’s gonna leave a mark. Last night, 9 News in Denver ran a brutal segment tearing apart the claims in Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, and occasional State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton’s first television ad. Stapleton, who boasts that he doesn’t show up to work when it rains, made numerous claims in the ad that 9 News found to be “bona fide false,” “blatantly false,” and “overstatements.” The segment concluded with journalist Brandon Rittiman saying, “this ad is writing checks his record can’t cash.” Ouch.

“Maybe if Walker Stapleton actually showed up to work once in a while to do his job, he wouldn’t have to resort to making up false claims to fill a 30 second ad,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Walker Stapleton is misleading Colorado voters in his very first ad out of the gate, there’s no telling what lies he’ll resort to next. Colorado voters are learning very quickly they cannot trust anything Walker Stapleton says.”

Watch the must see segment here.

Published: May 17, 2018

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