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News Monday, Mar 2 2015

Video Ties Bush to Nigerian Pump Deal He Denied Involvement In

Mar 02, 2015

SHOT: Bush Denied Involvement With The Nigeria Deal…

Bush Claimed He Was Not Involved In The Nigerian Pump Deal. According to St. Petersburg Times, “Bush-El was an affiliated company that promoted MWI’s equipment overseas. Bush has said he was not involved in the Nigerian pump deal.” [St. Petersburg Times, 7/27/02]


VIDEO: Jeb Bush Traveled To Nigeria And Met With Col. Abdu One Mohammed, The Governor Of Borno State Nigeria, Touted Opening Of MWI Factory.  Video. [Naples Daily News, 2/28/15]

Former MWI Employer Mike Carcamo: Bush Had Contract That Provided Three Percent Commission On All Sales To Nigeria. According to the Naples Daily News, “The Justice Department memo citing Bush also references an FBI interview from former employee Mike Carcamo, who worked at MWI from 1988-1994. He told FBI agents that Bush-El had a contract with MWI to receive 3 percent on projects in a handful of countries, including Nigeria. […] Carcamo worked for the company for six years, including working directly on the Nigeria deal. His boss was Juan Ponce, MWI’s former vice president of international sales. Carcamo told FBI agents that Bush’s contract with MWI provided commissions on sales in a host of countries, including Nigeria. ‘Carcamo advised that Jeb Bush had a contract with David Eller in 1989 that entitled Bush to three percent of all sales to Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Thailand, and Mexico,’ according to the FBI report on Caramo’s 1999 interview.” [Naples Daily News, 2/28/15]

Carcamo : Bush Made $1.7 Million From Nigeria Deal. According to the Naples Daily News, “In a recent interview with Naples Daily News-Treasure Coast newspapers, Carcamo said Bush made $1.7 million directly from the Nigerian deal, which was paid in 1993 as he was leaving the company to run for governor. That separate contract was not mentioned in the FBI interview, but Carcamo says he saw a copy of the deal. He could not offer documentation.” [Naples Daily News, 2/28/15]

Published: Mar 2, 2015

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