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News Thursday, Oct 16 2014

VIDEO: The LePage-Cutler bromance blossoms

Oct 16, 2014

High-fives, hugs, applauding each other — the hallmarks of a certified bromance, and yet, also of the Maine gubernatorial debates, thanks to Governor LePage and Eliot Cutler’s mutual admiration society. Indeed, in response to a question last night about whether he’d sign a bill raising the governor’s pay, Cutler gushed “not mine, but I’d increase… Paul’s!” Swoon.

It’s unusual to see candidates, seemingly adversaries, palling around in a debate. But it’s less surprising that LePage and Cutler are so supportive of each other during the debates when you consider that a vote for either candidate gets you the same result: another four years of Paul LePage.

See the Maine bromance for yourself:

Published: Oct 16, 2014

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