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News Thursday, Oct 9 2014

VIDEO: So Many Questions Remain For Rick Scott As He Readies For Debate

Oct 09, 2014

It’s debate time. Perhaps that means that for the first time in his life, Rick Scott will answer a question.

In case you haven’t noticed, Rick Scott is really good at not answering questions. It pretty much doesn’t matter what you ask him — he’s going to spit out his robotic talking points over and over. Whether you want to know why he won’t expand Medicaid, who he went to King Ranch with, or why he won’t disclose tens of millions in assets, Rick Scott will tell you “it’s an exciting time to be in Florida!”

Excited as he may be, tomorrow, he’ll have to answer questions. Here are just a handful of the many that Floridians are still awaiting answers on:

Published: Oct 9, 2014

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