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Thursday, Oct 16 2014

VIDEO: Scott Walker: Working for the Kochs, Not For Wisconsin

Oct 16, 2014

Scott Walker made both local and national headlines yesterday when he bluntly stated that his opinion is that the minimum wage “serves no purpose.” Thousands of minimum wage workers across Wisconsin would probably disagree with that assertion. But Scott Walker isn’t looking out for them — he’s looking out for the Koch brothers and his other wealthy allies.

And the Koch brothers are pretty pleased with Walker’s extreme agenda. His Tea Party makeover of Wisconsin has been an economic disaster that has left his reelection hopes in unexpected danger. But for the Kochs, it’s been a dream come true: massive tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by gutting education funding, an assault on public employees, a refusal to accept federal money to expand Medicaid, and the list goes on.

In fact, the President of the Kochs’ Americans For Prosperity, Tim Phillips, just told Bloomberg Politics that Scott Walker was one of their favorite candidates for 2016. In the same interview, he was incredibly dismissive of the minimum wage, even as Mark Halperin points out that raising it is wildly popular among voters. The Koch brothers and Scott Walker really are a match made in heaven!

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Published: Oct 16, 2014

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