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Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

Under Pressure, Toomey Claims To Care About PA Coal Miners' Retirement Security

Sep 07, 2016

Losing bigly in the polls, Trump supporter Senator Pat Toomey is scrambling to hide where he stands on key issues to convince Pennsylvanians he’s someone he’s not — namely, a senator who has their best interests at heart.

This week, Toomey shifted on legislation that would protect “[r]etirement and health-care funds [that] currently support about 120,000 former miners and their families nationwide.”

Just two days ago (2!) Toomey refused to publicly take a position on the bill; but now, after attacks from Democrats, he’s reversed course, claiming he’ll support the legislation.

Before he faced criticism that threatened to increase his polling deficit, Toomey was seemingly fine with denying Pennsylvania’s coal miners retirement security, prioritizing partisan politics over the needs of his constituents.

It’s as clear as ever that Pennsylvanians deserve better than Pat Toomey.

Published: Sep 7, 2016

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